Thursday, April 16, 2009

Organizing the Stash: lip products

Hey there junkies!! Today I'm going to show you how I organize all of my lip products (aka lippies). I have way too many - which is funny considering that when I started buying makeup, I wasn't into them. Needless to say, I am now.

All of my MAC lipglasses, lusterglasses, and plushglasses are in a wicker basket that I got from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I know they're not as organized as some peoples, but I kinda like digging through the basket to find one that works.

Everything else is organized into two Sterlite containers that I got at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure you can find something similar at Target or Walmart. They each have three drawers, and I stack them on top of each other.

#1. What my "lippie tower" looks like. (I set my basket on top of it)
#2. What they would look like if you set them next to each other.
#3. The first drawer - this holds all my lip pencils, lip exfoliators, MAC Tender tones, MAC lip conditioners, and my MAC lip gelee.
#4. Second drawer - all my non MAC lip sticks - Mostly Urban Decay and Benefit.
#5. Third drawer - all my non MAC lip glosses - lots of Stila and Nars.
#6. Fourth drawer - all my misc MAC lippies - Dazzleglasses, Cremesheens, and Slim Shines.
#7. Fifth drawer - all my MAC lipsticks from the regular line and any Viva Glam ones.
#8. Sixth drawer - all my limited edition MAC lipsticks.

With this system, I feel like I finally have all my lippies organized in a way that I like - and I always know where everything is. Plus, the whole set up cost me less than $20 - you can't beat that. Hopefully this helps some of you who are stuck on how to organize your stash. Later junkies!!

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  1. Wow! you have tonnes of lip products!! I love how you have organised them though, im looking for a better way to organise my make-up collection but im limited for space so its proving a challenge :P

    anyway thanks for posting i like getting ideas from other peoples make-up storage :)

    love amy xx