Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Junkie's stash: Benefit lipsticks

Hello again junkies!! Today I'm sharing my collection of Benefit lipsticks with you. These lipsticks come in two formulas - silky finish and full finish. I have a couple of each, and I greatly prefer the full finish formula. I have three (La La Land, Ladies Choice, and Thrillin Brazillian) and they're smooth, creamy, long lasting, and the pigmentation is great - exactly what a lipstick should be. The silky finish ones (I do I do I do and Swoonderful) are more of a gloss/lipstick combo. They are much more sheer and have a glossy effect to them. The ones I own also have glitter, which is pretty, but makes for a much grittier consistancy. The five I have are:

1. La La Land - full finish - a nude rose color

2. Ladies Choice - full finish - a pink based nude - one of my all time favorite lipsticks of any brand

3. I do I do I do - silky finish - a sheer coral with glitter

4. Swoonderful - silky finish - a silvery pink with silver glitter

5. Thrillian Brazillian - full finish - a spiced chai brown based neutral

Benefit lipsticks are $18 each and available at Sephora or They are a little pricier than MAC lipsticks, but in my opinion, they are superior in quality (at least the full finish ones). My absolute favorite is Ladies Choice - I think it would look great on anyone, and is one of my top 5 favorite lipsticks. Hope this was helpful junkies!!

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