Monday, April 13, 2009

My first time: MAC Lip Gelees

Today I wanted to start a series I'm going to call "my first time". This is where I'll review a product that I haven't tried before. Today's featured product is MAC lip gelees. For some reason, I think that these are not one of MAC's most popular items. Everyone (including me) focuses on their lipsticks and various lipglosses. While I have much love for those, I thought it was time to try something new. MAC describes these as "a soft jelly-textured glosser for the lips". I couldn't agree more. The texture of these is wonderful - not sticky at all, just a thick glossy consistency. The color I bought is Moonstone (silver pink with sparkles) and it is beautiful. However, I'm not sure if it was the best one to represent the whole line, as it doesn't add much pigmentation to my lips. The jury is still out on these, but I'd definitely try another one - maybe something darker. Here are my final thoughts:


- These are a great bang for your buck - there is more than twice as much product in these puppies for the same price as a lipglass

- They're easy to apply - you can do it one handed - no dipping the wand back in for more

- Not sticky at all - they feel great on your lips


- These are pretty sheer (at least the color I bought), if you're looking for a lot of color, you'd need a lipstick underneath

- They didn't seem terribly long lasting on me

- There are not many colors to choose from - the MAC site has seven - a tiny number compared to the amount of lipsticks and glosses

I'd definitely say that these are worth your time looking at, but up to you whether or not they are worth your money. If you are a gloss kind of girl, you're probably gonna love lip gelees. FYI - I believe that you can back 2 mac for these at freestanding locations. Until next time junkies!!

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