Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Junkie's stash: MAC shadesticks

Today will be the first post of the series called "The Junkie's stash". I will post my collection by category, and today's will be my shadesticks. I don't have many, so I thought it would be a good first post.
I use shadesticks mainly as bases under my regular powder shadows. They make the colors more vibrant and long lasting. Sometimes they even slightly change the color of the actual shadows - this happens mostly with duochrome shades. You can wear them alone, but honestly I haven't tried that yet.
I have heard that MAC is discontinuing the shadesticks, but I have yet to verify this.
The old formula of the shadesticks can be a little hard, and they tend to pull your eye when you apply them. MAC released 5 new shadesticks with the Sugar Sweet collection last month, and these are much creamier and blendable than the older ones. They also changed the packaging slightly - the entire container is similar to the color of the shadestick. You can apply them to your lids either by "coloring" directly on the lid, or you can get some product on a brush and then use the brush on your eye. I find they wear best if you use a thin layer and they are also the perfect size to smudge under your lower lash line. My collection includes:

Sharkskin - a very dark grey (almost black) with minimal shimmer
Beige-ing - a very shimmery champagne color
Fresh Cement - a medium brown-taupe with medium shimmer
Red Velvet - a dark pinkish red with medium shimmer
Cakeshop - a very unique color similar to Greenstroke paintpot. It's kinda silvery, pewtery, and greenish and it is almost glittery
Penny - a vibrant copper - the name says it all

Sharkskin would look best for a dark, sultry eye - Red Velvet is great for any pinks, reds, and even oranges - Cakeshop is perfect for blues, greens, and teals. Try it under Club too. Click the pics to make them bigger.

The bottom line is that shadesticks are a great, multi-purpose item and this junkie recommends that you have a few in your collection. They're $16.50 USD each and available where ever you get your MAC fix. And if the new ones interest you, you better get them while you still can.

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