Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's day haul

Hey junkies! Today I want to share the goodies I picked up on Mother's day. The hubby knows that instead of trying to surprise me with a gift, he's better off taking me shopping so that I can pick up what I want. He's cool with that - he doesn't mind shopping, and it takes the guess work out of it. It's a win win.

It was a nice day, so we headed to the CCO (cosmetics company outlet). It's about 40 minutes away, so I've only been there once before. For those of you not familiar, the CCO's sell discounted high end makeup brands including MAC. It's a crapshoot - there could be lots, or not much at all. I'd say it was in between, here's what I picked up:

1. Delphic fluidline - fluidlines are gel eyeliners that you can also use as eyeshadow bases. This one is a medium teal with shimmer. Very pretty. I think it was permanent, but is now discontinued.

2. Pink Couture shadestick - I have been loving my shadesticks lately, and was excited to find this one. It's a shimmery pinkish mauve color - I think it would look great on it's own or under any pink or purple shadow.

3. Passionate shadow - This is part of the permanent collection, but I hadn't picked it up yet. It's a vibrant, matte hot pink - almost raspberry color.

4. Take A Hint tendertone - Tendertones are yummy scented lip balms. It's in a little pot, so you have to apply it with your finger, and they have SPF 12. They're not sticky, but they don't add much color either - just a nice glossy finish with subtle color. They feel great on your lips, and are perfect for summer. Take A Hint is a medium pink with silver shimmer.

5. High Top lipstick - This was released with Fafi (That was before my addiction began, so I'm always happy to pick up something that I missed out on). It's a very unique color - purple with blue shimmer and sparkles. But because it's a glaze, it's super sheer. It looks scary in the tube, but is actually very wearable.

6. Sweet William blush creme - I've really enjoyed experimenting with cream and gel blushes lately. I had heard about this color on youtube, but MAC has since discontinued it. I'm glad I found it at the CCO, cause it's so pretty! It's a creamy rosy pink color with a small amount of pearl to it. I think I'll be all over this when it's 100 degrees out.

7. Female richmetal highlighter - To be honest, I had never heard of this product and had no idea what it was. I just loved the color - so I asked the saleswoman what it was. She told me that you could use it as a shadow base, an actual shadow, or a cheek/face highlighter. It originally came out in the Colour Forms collection. Female is a frosty pale pink color - very opalescent. The texture is weird - it feels like a powder, but applies like a cream. I'm not sure how I'll end up using it, but it'll be fun to play around with.

8. Colour Forms warm eye palette - This came out last summer in the Nordstroms exclusive collection. It includes:
Chillproof (frost) - frosty white
Tancentric (veluxe pearl) - frosty beige pink
Rolled Gold (lustre) - shimmering golden olive
Rustic (veluxe pearl) - frosted copper red
Fertile (satin) - dark blackened brown
There is also a mini 213, as there is in most of the palettes. All of the colors are very pretty and wearable, and you could create so many looks out of these five colors.

That's my haul from the CCO, but then I went to Macy's. From MAC I got a foundation pump - I'm almost at the bottom, and it's a pain to get out. I also stopped at Clinique and picked up the new shimmering stripes blush in Cabana Pink. It's gorgeous! There's four stripes of coordinating pink/rose/bronze shades that you can use separately as shadows or swirl together for blush. It didn't photograph well, but trust me - it's definitely worth checking out.

If you add all that to a delicious brunch, beautiful tulips, and plenty of time with the family, you've got a perfect weekend. Big kudos to my man and kids. :)

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